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Ideal for hobbyists, emerging photographers, artists and entrepreneurs - our workshops offer a relaxed environment to explore the science and art behind photography that will give you the understanding and ability to create your own stunning images. Better capture life's moments, express yourself in your art, and impress your customers when marketing your business. Contact us to learn more.


Digital Photo 101

6 weeks . . . . . $285

Directed in a classic collegiate style with weekly assignments and critiques, pick up a foundation in the principles and history of photography, and improve the use of your digital SLR camera.  Become a better technician with your tools, capture images the way you want, and better articulate your artistic vision.



6 weeks…. $285

Dive into two of the most common softwares used for image manipulation and workflow. Get an indepth look at Lightroom and how to manage and enhance your work. And then take it to another level and learn to wield the power of Photoshop. This is a great companion or follow up to our Digital 101 course.


Studio Essentials

7 weeks . . . . . $485

This hands-on course explores the fundamentals of producing professional portraits and commercial images in a studio environment and on location as well as the nature, challenges and operations of the industry. Familiarize yourself with the tools, tips and tricks of the trade, while experimenting with lighting techniques, composition, the nuances of posing, and the finer details of product shoots.


One-on-one training

…..  $50/hr



Jeffrey C Bianchine

Creative from an early age, Jeff received a BFA in Film, Photography & Visual Arts from Ithaca College in 2001. He has worked in high-volume portrait photography since, hired as Director of Photography at major new england yearbook studios, training armies of photographers each fall. In 2009, he built his own portrait studio in downtown Holyoke and opened Paper City Pictures, before serving as City of Holyoke Creative Economy Industries Coordinator from 2012-16. For the past few years he has been…. Community organizer, makerspace manager,.... Currently he …. Photography, graphic design and web design….

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